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Web, Shortwave, AM-FM Broadcasts
for News
Related to Human Rights Crimes

(The "Patriot Movement" is also
referred to as the "Freedom Movement"
or the "Truth Movement")

Bypass Retail, Get News From "Wholesale Sources":
Wire Services, Whistleblower Guests and Callers,
Professionals, FOIAs, "Connect the Dots" Analysis

June 12, 2008

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Notes for new listeners
Microbroadcasters - find one in your area here
Free archives, shows on Republic Broadcasting
On Demand free replays of shows on Genesis Communications
Table of shortwave frequencies you can try
OVERVIEW of organized stalking crimes

Alex Jones
Canadian Action Party ("the Canadian Patriot Movement")
D'Anne Burley
Deadline Live (Jack Blood)
Derry Brownfield
Jack McLamb Show
Jeff Rense Show
John Moore Show
Libertynet (ham radio band only)
National Intel Report (John Stadtmiller)
Networks/rebroadcasters which carry uncensored news
Police and Military Against the NWO (Jack McLamb)
Power Hour, The (Joyce Riley/Dave von Kleist)
Q Files (Steve Quayle)
Radio Liberty (Dr. Stanley Monteith)
The Power Hour (Joyce Riley/Dave von Kleist)
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Subject Menu

Please read before looking up broadcasters
Networks/rebroadcasters which carry uncensored news
Information about short wave radio sets
Information about protecting your short wave radio set
A low cost amplified indoor antenna
Ham radio information (important in emergencies)
Other radio services in the shortwave band
Similar media links

A web site discussing shortwave listening in general:


Please Read Before Looking up Broadcasters

IMPORTANT: You do NOT need a short wave set to listen to short wave broadcasters. Web sites with live and archived broadcasts are listed below.

IMPORTANT: Within the United States, some of these shows, like the popular morning show "The Power Hour" with Joyce Riley and Dave von Kleist, and the popular afternoon Alex Jones show, are carried on some AM and FM stations, and satellite radio as well.

The AM-FM stations often play only only some of the hours of the longer shows. Assistance from listeners to get some of these Patriot shows on to commercial AM-FM stations is much appreciated. Contact not only the AM-FM stations but their sponsors as well.

The best way to find the times for these shows is to check the NETWORK web sites, e.g., gcnlive.com and republicbroadcasting.org. For microbroadcasters (low power FM) slowly tune around your local FM frequencies, listening for these shows. That applies to shortwave as well, with 3.215 MHz, and frequencies between 5 and 12.180 MHz being the most likely ranges for locating Patriot shows. Lower frequencies tend to carry the shows at night.

* These shows have commercials, so take time tuning in case you land on one of their commercials and not recognize the show itself.

Shortwave shows also have bumper music, so again, take some time with a show playing music to see if it's one of the Patriot shows.

** CANADIAN callers frequently call in, and much of the content describes problems which apply to Canada but which receive no publicity in Canada.

I, Eleanor White, the maintainer of this page, do not agree with some of the personal precepts and philosophies of some Patriot broadcasters. But I urge every citizen concerned with the future of truth, freedom and justice to listen to these shows for their factual information, and the testimony by whistleblowers, and information provided by "boots on the ground", i.e. the callers who report blow by blow from trouble spots in North America and around the world.

The Patriot broadcasters use mainstream sources such as the wire services (like Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters) which are in effect "news wholesalers". The Patriots present analyses of these "wholesale" news stories, which they call "connecting the dots". Some of these "wholesale" news stories never make it to the "retail media outlets" like the 6 o'clock news or mainstream papers. Other sources are Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests, mainstream government and scientific papers, and first person testimony from whistleblowers. Some of these whistleblowers were forced out of their fields because they would not go along with corrupt systems. Some from government, some from the corporate scene, and some from the medical arena. They are heroes and have suffered dearly for standing up for what is right. Patriot broadcasters are not hoaxers; they place a high value on truth.


The place to look for times is the schedule page of the NETWORKS, or, the schedule posted on the web sites of the shows themselves.

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rebroadcast sites.  You can easily click through to the
Patriot shows above, and also to a number of WEB-ONLY
Patriot shows as well.

Republic Broadcasting Network
Genesis Communications Network
World Wide First Amendment Radio
Microbroadcasters' site
We The People Network
Fully Informed Citizen Associations of America
The American Voice Radio Network
Patriot Broadcasting Network
Revere Radio Network
Truth Radio Network
World Harvest Radio
World Wide Radio Broadcasters
Info Radio Net
Liberty Tree Radio
The Turner Network
Radio for Peace International
Save America Radio
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THE POWER HOUR,  http://www.thepowerhour.com
Network:  http://www.gcnlive.com
Alternate if .com is down:  www.thepowerhour.org
Joyce Riley and Dave von Kleist

Joyce Riley, Dave vonKleist

For shortwave frequencies, check the show's web site,
as they do change from season to season.

8a-11a Estrn  7a-10a Cntrl  6a-9a Mntn, 5a-8a Pacfc
1300-1600 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
1200-1500 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

Nighttime REPLAYS:

See site above for shortwave frequencies, or, go
to gcnlive.com and click "On Demand" for
continuous replays of the most recent show.

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JACK MCLAMB SHOW, http://www.jackmclamb.net
MORNING Network for live audio:
SATURDAY Network for live audio:

Retired Officer Jack McLamb

Jack McLamb, a police and military veteran, operates
the Police and Military Against the New World Order
organization.  He was the most decorated officer in
the Phoenix AZ PD, and was also fired for standing up
for Constitutional rights.  As a former police academy
instructor, he was required to investigate cases of
officers killed in the line of duty so as to teach
recruits how to avoid the same mistakes.

His investigations and those of his colleagues showed
him over time that the justice system is and has been
for a long time, very corrupt.

** Republic Broadcasting Network
** See RBN's SCHEDULE page for latest times and frequencies.
Times (SUN ONLY):
1-3p Eastrn   N-2p Cntrl   11a-1p Mntn   10a-N Pacfc
1800-2000 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
1700-1900 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

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ALEX JONES SHOW,  http://www.infowars.com/
Network:  http://www.gcnlive.com

See infowars.com and gcnlive.com for up to date frequencies.
12N-4p Estrn  11a-3p Cntrl  10a-2p Mntn  9a-1p Pacfc
1700-2100 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
1600-2000 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

** Alex Jones is probably the most prolific Patriot

** Alex Jones reports items from mainstream
   sources such as AP, UPI, Reuters, and government, legal
   and scientific documents.  At times, Alex will reference
   documents on air which are not posted on his web site, or
   cannot be turned up using the search feature, due to the
   high volume of news items his staff collects each day.

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THE CANADIAN ACTION PARTY, http://www.canadianactionparty.ca

Attorney Connie Fogal, Leader

The Canadian Action Party is the Canadian equivalent of the
U.S. Patriot Movement.  Canadians wishing to pursue the same
goals of truth, liberty, justice and national sovereignty
are urged to look into affiliation and working with the
Canadian Action Party.

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DERRY BROWNFIELD SHOW,  http://www.derrybrownfield.com
Network for alternate live audio:

Derry Brownfield

Monday - Friday
11-N Estrn  10-11a Cntrl  9-10a Mntn  8-9a Pacfc
1600-1700 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
1500-1600 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

** This show is an agricultural-flavour Patriot show,
   and it delivers quite a bit of news relating to
   major government crime and is well worth listening
   to for this subject.  Some of the most grievous
   government and corporate crimes occur in the
   agricultural arena.

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DEADLINE LIVE,  http://www.jackblood.com
Network/web listen:  http://www.gcnlive.com
Jack Blood

** See gcnlive.com for frequencies.
4-6p Estrn  3-5p Cntrl  2-4p Mntn  1-3p Pacfc
2100-2300 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
2000-2200 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

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NATIONAL INTEL REPORT http://www.republicbroadcasting.org

John Stadtmiller
Founder and chief executive,
Republic Broadcasting Network

** See republicbroadcasting.org for frequencies.
5-7p Estrn, 4-6p Cntrl  3-5p Mntn  2-4p Pacfc
2200-0000 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
2100-2230 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

CALL IN number (when John Asks):  1-800-313-9443

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THE JOHN MOORE SHOW  http://www.thelibertyman.com
For live streaming audio: http://www.republicbroadcasting.org

John Moore

** See republicbroadcasting.org for details.
3-5p Eastrn   2-4p Cntrl   1-3p Mntn   N-2p Pacfc
1900-2100 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
2000-2200 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

John Moore is a highly experienced criminal case private
detective and Viet Nam veteran in military intelligence.

His show focusses on preparedness for the several apparent
disasters in the making, caused by un-Constitutional
political ambitions and operations.

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LATE NIGHT WITH D'ANNE  http://danneburley.blogspot.com
Also see:  http://clearblogs.com/danneburleysradioclub/
For live streaming audio: http://www.republicbroadcasting.org

D'Anne Burley

Web only for RBN show:
11p-1a Eastrn   10p-Mid Cntrl   9-11p Mntn   8-10p Pacfc
0400-0600 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
0300-0500 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)


D'Anne (pronounced dee-ANN) Burley broadcasts news that
is sometimes not covered, or not covered to the same depth,
as the other Patriot broadcasters.

For example, as a personal friend of the late Sherman
Skolnick (judicial corruption activist), she has broadcast
and written extensive email bulletins on the shocking ways
the corrupt judiciary and nursing home/hospital/hosipce
industry has literally killed healthy elderly people and
slickly absconded with their assets.  Anyone who exposes
this outrageous elder abuse is one fine individual in my

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RADIO LIBERTY,  http://www.radioliberty.com

Dr. Stanley Monteith

Full frequency listings, up to date:


** Can be heard from his web site too.

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Q-FILES, http://www.stevequayle.com/
For live web audio streams:

** See stevequayle.com for shortwave frequencies.
7-8p Estrn  6-7p Cntrl  5-6p Mntn  4-5p Pacfc
0000-0100 UTC/GMT/ZULU (winter)
2300-0000 UTC/GMT/ZULU (summer)

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THE JEFF RENSE SHOW, http://www.rense.com
Live audio via the web:   http://www.gcnlive.com
Live and archived audio:  http://www.soundwaves2000.com/rense/
** NO shortwave at present, but one of the very best
shows available.

Jeff Rense

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LIBERTY NET, http://www.3950.net
Ham radio operators net in the Patriot Movement spirit,
reputed to be excellent listening.  Can extend well into
the "wee hours".  Probably a good place to look for
uncensored news in the event of a disaster.

3.950 MHz, 0300-.... UTC (GMT) winter ** SATURDAY ONLY **
10p-.. Estrn, 9p-.. Cntrl, 8p-.. Mntn, 7p-.. Pacfc

** You need to set your radio to SSB (single sideband) ON,
   and if you have a switch labelled USB and LSB, it needs
   to be set on LSB.  The knob with allows you to hear SSB
   as normal speech may be labelled as "Fine Tuning" or
   "BFO" or "Clarifier".  Refer to your manual for the way
   to receive SSB on your radio.  (Not all radios have SSB
   reception capability.)

** When intentional interference is present, sometimes the
   participants shift to 3953, 3947, 3947.5, 3950 USB,
   or other nearby frequencies.

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** Most critical feature for ensuring you can pick up
the Patriot broadcasts is CONTINUOUS or almost
continuous coverage of the HF (high frequency) shortwave
bands, 2 to 30 MHz.  If a set has continuous coverage
from 3 to 17 MHz, that's good enough.  Many low cost
sets do NOT have continuous coverage - my (Eleanor White's)
advice is save your money - don't get one of those.




A cheap radio like the Grundig FR-200 will work but
will lack the convenience of a keypad to punch in
frequencies.  You learn to listen at the time your
favourite show is on, and slowly tune around that
area on the small slide rule dial.  A good idea is
to mark the approximate places where the Patriot
broadcasts are found using a tiny dot of nail polish
or whiteout. It's not a great way to tune, but it
is good enough.

If you do acquire a shortwave radio, there should be
either a telescoping whip antenna, or, a place to
connect a wire antenna.  I've had good luck using
about 25 feet of lightweight flexible wire with a
large alligator clip on one end to clip over the
telescoping antenna.  (I do not use the telescoping
antenna extended as it is awkward.)  I find the best
performance of this trailing wire antenna can be had
by simply letting it drape across the floor with the
far end up and over the fridge, with a heavy object
to hold it so it doesn't slip off the fridge.

Outdoors, a length of wire simply lying on the grass
or pavement works fine - attaching the far end above
the ground helps but usually is not essential.

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Information about PROTECTING your shortwave radio set:

1.  Obtain one of the hardware store version of the
    aluminum D-ring style snap rings.  These come in
    different colors and sizes, a 2" size and a 3" size
    being popular.  One side has a spring loaded snap and
    these are handy for securing things together while

    Secure your radio's (or even camera's) WRIST STRAP
    so it cannot come out of the snap ring.  Then
    wherever you put your radio, and this includes
    putting the radio into a shoulder bag for listening
    while walking, be sure your radio is clipped to
    something so it cannot fall on the floor or pop out
    of your shoulder bag.  This includes tables within
    your house, and night tables.

2.  The telescoping antennas, needed for WALKING and
    listening, are kind of weak at the point where they
    are attached inside the sets.  I had my own
    telescoping antenna "work around" so much as I
    walked that the inside screw came out.

    The way around this is to keep the telescoping
    antenna in its "down" position, usually along the
    top of the radio, using a large rubber band or two.
    Then when you extend the telescoping antenna, the
    strain is taken by the securing rubber band and not
    the inside antenna mount.  In this way, your radio
    will probably be sitting on one END inside your
    shoulder bag as you walk.

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A low cost amplified indoor antenna:

...click on "Tiny Tenna".  Designed for indoors, but
subject to keeping the circuit board dry, can also be
used outdoors.

If that link fails, click here.

CAUTION:  Amplified antennas may not improve reception
where the electromagnetic noise levels are high, such as
in cities.  They amplify noise as well as signal.

I have heard good reports from owners of the Tiny Tenna
amplified antenna unit.

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Information about listening to HAM RADIO OPERATORS on
your shortwave set:

Bottom line, your set MUST have "SSB", or "single sideband"
capability to hear all but a tiny minority of ham radio
operators.  Ham radio may be the only way to monitor what
is happening during severe, wide area emergencies.

Most shortwave sets cover from a little below the AM
broadcast band, up through 30 MHz, the upper limit of the
so-called "HF" or "high frequency" band.  It is in this
HF band where most of the long distance radio
communications is carried on, because HF is reflected
from the ionosphpere.

Here is a quick summary of where you can find SSB VOICE
ham radio stations in the HF band:

1800 - 2000 kHz  (1.8 - 2.0 MHz) ... the 160 meter ham band
3750 - 4000 kHz  (3.75 - 4.0 MHz) ... the 75 meter phone band
7150 - 7300 kHz  (7.15 - 7.3 MHz) ... the 40 meter phone band
14150-14350 kHz (14.15 - 14350 MHz) ... the 20 meter phone band
18110-18168 kHz (18.11 - 18.168 MHz) ... the 17 meter phone band
21200-21450 kHz (21.2 - 21.45 MHz) ... the 15 meter phone band
24930-24990 kHz (24.93 - 24.99 MHz) ... the 12 meter phone band
28300-29700 kHz (28.3 - 29.7 MHz) ... the 10 meter phone band

And though NOT ham radio operators, Citizens Band can be a
potential source of emergency information:

26,965 - 27,405 kHz (26.965 - 27.405 MHz) ... "CB" radio

NOTE:  The newer "FRS" (Family Radio Service) radios are
well above the HF band covered by what are sold under the
name "short wave sets".

In some sets, you can select "USB" (upper sideband) or "LSB"
(lower sideband), and on these sets, once you find out which
setting works best for the ham station you want to receive,
tuning is fairly straightforward.

In other sets, you simply have an "SSB" switch, the Grundig
YB 400 PE set being one example.  For these sets, you tune up
and down within the bands listed above, using either a tuning
knob, or tuning UP/DOWN buttons.

For fine tuning a ham SSB station, make sure your Frequency
STEP is set to 1 kHz, no more, so you can make small moves.

You are looking for a loud station.  It's different from a
broadcast station in that ham stations sometimes exchange
information with short transmissions so you don't have a
steady signal to attempt to tune.

Once you get your loud station, your SSB switch being ON,
you will hear what sounds like voice but is garbled.  In
this case, you try the FINE TUNING knob up and down slowly,
until you hear a normal voice.

If you cannot normalize the voice, move your LCD window
frequency setting one or two kHz up, and re-try the FINE
TUNING knob.  If that doesn't work, move the LCD window
frequency down, and re-try the FINE
TUNING knob.

You have to adjust both the LCD window frequency and the
fine tuning back and forth to get a normal voice from an SSB

If you hear a STEADY TONE with some voice mixed in, that is
NOT an SSB station, it's an AM station.  To hear that one,
you switch off the SSB switch.


Here is an on-line frequency assignment listing:


If that listing link is broken, click here.

Here is ANOTHER on-line frequency assignment listing:


If that link is broken, click here.

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Listing of shortwave frequencies known to carry, now or
in the past, Patriot shows (in MHz):

Note:  A frequency listed here is not guaranteed to carry
any of the Patriot shows, however, I have collected all
frequencies I know of here for folks with shortwave sets
who simply want to browse.  The show names shown are
subject to change without my being aware, and, other shows
may be on these frequencies without my knowledge.  Freqs
DO CHANGE OVER TIME, unlike AM and FM stations.

Tip:  Sometimes clearest reception is 1, 2, or 3 kHz up
or down from the center frequencies listed below.

3.215  (WWCR)
3.750 - 4.000  (75 meter phone ham band)
3.950  (Liberty Net - LSB)

5.070  (WWCR)
5.975  (BBC)

6.070  (CFRX Toronto)

7.150 - 7.300  (40 meter phone ham band)

9.330  (WBCQ, Maine USA)




14.150 - 14.350  (20 meter phone ham band)



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